Verified® Vapes exceeds all North American standards for heavy metals testing, and are lead free.

Our product line sets the new industry standard with premier vape hardware sourced from GMP and ISO certified manufacturers.

We ensure the high-quality of our products by strict supply chain management.

Our security features include: tamper-proof mouthpieces, sanitation by ultra-violet lighting, and batch codes.

why choose VERIFIED® VAPES
Safe & Reliable

✔ Tamper proof mouthpieces
✔ Certificates of authenticity
✔ Seals
✔ Sanitation by ultra-violet lighting
✔  Failure rate 0.005 (1/2,000)
✔  Batch codes
Superior Supply Chain Management
Verified® Vapes' products have been manufactured in facilities that are ISO certified and meet GMP standards. Our products exceed North America standards for heavy metals testing, and are lead-free.
Exceeds regulatory compliance
Our authenticated Verified® vape hardware meets regulatory compliance standards ensuring safety and reliability. We set the tone for the industry; all Verified® products pass rigorous testing and certification. 
Innovative Vape Tech that Delivers
Verified® Vapes... designed to deliver a safe, smooth vaping experience. Verified® cartridges feature scientific engineering that produces enhanced terpene flavors and substantial vaporization.



Your unique branding on Verified® vape products. We bring cannabis vaporizers successfully to market.

Leveraging our in-house design expertise, we create custom branding for vape products. We’ve designed distinctive identities for many leading cannabis brands. So, whether its a compelling new visual identity or a refresh, our expertise is your go-to for vape tech branding.